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 As Kelowna continues to grow we need to look for solutions to make communities safe now, including community policing, the addition of officers, night patrols, security patrols, social workers and mental health workers. 

I fully support the many initiatives the city has already untaken to reduce crime.  The reality is making our community safe is  a team effort.  More can be done so that families feel safe walking to city park or strolling one of our many beaches.  The citizens of Kelowna should feel safe at home and in public.


Kelowna is 1# for crime.  Bike thefts are a big piece of that problem.   I will work with city council for strong initiatives to reduce bike crime.  I will advocate for policies that would do more than deter bike crime crime, like the mandatory registration of bikes stored on city property and parks.  the cities transition to alternate forms of transportation. 

Safe Communities

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